Lemon Zest

The peel of the lemon has been used for centuries to flavor foods. Our Lemon Zest is finely minced using only the outer peel of the lemon - no bitter pith - mixed with 50% sugar. This 'knuckle saver' ingredient base is every baker's friend! Lemon Zest adds texture and mouth-feel to your desserts, sauces, glazes, and soups, along with natural lemon flavor from the oil found in the rind. It offers a more delicious and intense lemon flavor than lemon juice.

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Lemon Zest Pate de Fruit

Yield: 32 pieces (cut into 1 1/2” squares)
Source: Liza Cheng
    • 1 cup The Perfect Purée Meyer Lemon Concentrate,  thawed
    • 2 tbsp. The Perfect Purée Lemon Zest,  thawed
    • 4 1/2 tsp. Sugar
    • 1 1/10 tsp. Apple Pectin
    • 1 cup Sugar
    • 3 tbsp. Glucose
    • 3/4 tsp. Tartaric Acid

1. Weigh and portion all the ingredients.
2. Set up bain marie for your whisk, spatula and thermometer.
3. Prepare molds by spraying with vegetable oil.
4. Sift together the first amount of sugar and apple pectin together.
5. Bring Meyer Lemon Concentrate to a single strength juice by mixing 1 concentrate to 2 parts water. Add Lemon Zest to Meyer Lemon Juice.
6. Bring lemon mixture to boil (or at 104 F degrees).
7. Add the sugar/pectin combo to lemon mixture; make sure whisk to incorporate; return to boil.
8. Add the 2nd amount of sugar and return to boil.
9. Add glucose and return to boil.
10. Keep heat at medium to medium/high level and continue to whisk until thermometer reached 223 F degrees.
11. Pull off heat and add tartaric acid.
12. Whisk vigorously and pour immediately into molds.
13. Give pate de fruit at least 8-10 minutes to set and cool.
14. Un-mold or cut into desired pieces.
15. Toss in sugar and serve.

Method #6 through #12, you must continuously whisk to avoid lemon mixture from burning.
Store pate de fruit in a tight sealed container away from heat; can be stored at room temperature. Shelf-life of pate de fruit is 2 weeks.
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