Roasted Red Pepper

Red Bell Peppers are common to the cuisines of the Mediterranean, Southwest and South America. Our Roasted Red Pepper puree is made from field-ripened sweet red bell peppers - fire roasted, steamed to loosen their skins and then skinned and seeded by hand. The pepper 'meats' are then pureed with a touch of olive oil added to make a gourmet base for any soup, flavored aioli, and savory sauce recipe. The roasted flavor and orange-red color makes this a truly special puree.

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Raspberry-Red Pepper Sorbet with Roasted Red Pepper Cream

Yield: 23 servings
Source: Pastry Chef Manabu Inoue of Morimoto – New York, NY
1. Cut the Champagne Lime Écume in a long diamond shape. Plate the Écume and top with Raspberry-Red Pepper Sorbet. Put three raspberries in the sugar glass (one raspberry outside of the sugar glass) and put it next to the Écume. Finish with a sprig of mint.

Raspberry-Red Pepper Sorbet:
    • 600 g. The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley Red Raspberry Purée,  thawed
    • 400 g. The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley Roasted Red Pepper Purée,  thawed
    • 400 g. water
    • 400 g. sugar
    • 50 g. trimoline

2. Bring the water, sugar, and trimoline to a simmer in a pot. Remove from the heat, add the Raspberry and Red Pepper Purées, and chill. When the mixture is completely chilled, spin in a Bravo ice cream machine according to manufacturer’s instruction. Pour the mixture into half-cylinder Demarle Flexipan Molds and store in the freezer.

Champagne Lime Écume:
    • 400 g. champagne
    • 35 g. sugar
    • 4 g. Versawhip
    • 2 sheets gelatin (bloomed)
    • zest of 1 lime

3. Bring 100 grams of the champagne and the sugar to a simmer in a pot. Add the Versawhip and gelatin and chill. Add the lime zest and whip with a handheld mixer until the mixture becomes a light mousse. Pour onto a silicone baking mat and store in the refrigerator.

Red Pepper Cream Fresh Raspberry:
    • 50 g. The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley Roasted Red Pepper Purée,  thawed
    • 300 g. heavy cream
    • 40 g. sugar
    • 50 fresh raspberries

4. Whip the heavy cream, sugar, and Red Pepper purée in a Hobart Stand Mixer until stiff peaks form. Place the whipped cream into a pastry bag and pipe into the center of the raspberries.

Sugar Glass:
    • 500 g. PreGel Magic Sugar
    • 50 g. water

5. Cook the PreGel Magic Sugar and water in a pot until the mixture reaches 320ºF. Carefully dip a ring mold into the sugar mix, place on a silicone baking mat, and start blowing into the mold as you lift the mold slowly to the desired height. Cut with kitchen shears when desired shape is formed.

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Complimentary Samples

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