Antelmo Faria

Chef Antelmo Faria

antelmo-largeChef Antelmo (or Telmo, as he’s more often called) is the son of Portuguese immigrant parents and a native of the San Francisco Bay Area. Telmo spent the early part of his childhood on the island of Faial in the Azores, Portugal, where his father operated two family-owned restaurants. After relocating San Jose, California, Telmo was exposed to the Mexican culture of his Latino neighborhood. His love of Mexican food continued to develop as he frequented the taquerias, carnicerias and the Mexican super mercados around him. He carried this enthusiasm for Mexican food through his training at the California Culinary Institute.

Chef Telmo has headed the kitchens of several California establishments, including La Salette Restaurant (Sonoma), Montrio Bistro (Monterey) and Tropisueño (San Francisco). As the executive chef of San Francisco’s Tacolicious, he’s happy to be working with a market-driven menu that upholds his values and food that truly suits his passion.

Incorporating flavors from The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley allows Chef to add authenticity to the menu at Tacolicious. From prickly pear to tamarind, he can count on The Perfect Purée for his signature offerings.


Tamarind Chipotle BBQ Sauce