Alfred Contiga

Chef Alfred Contiga

SONY DSCWith a pastry philosophy steeped in the belief that ‘fresh is best’, Pastry Chef Alfred Contiga is certainly a rising star in the red hot Vancouver dining scene. At Coast Restaurant, he is successfully sharing his philosophy, much to the delight of local foodies and tourists.

With the acclaimed Glowbal Group, Chef Alfred has had pastry responsibilities at both Coast and Glowbal Grill & Bar. Prior to landing in Vancouver, he owned Unique Desserts in Toronto, a successful catering company known for elegant desserts and specialty cakes, and was the Pastry Chef at Terra Restaurant and George Restaurant. Formally trained at Toronto’s Humber College, he completed the Advanced Apprenticeship Program which led to time at both Air Canada Center and Rain Restaurant.

Over the past 10 years, Chef Alfred’s industry education has been a combination of time in the kitchen and exposure to how restaurant brands build and stay competitive. In Vancouver, for example, Glowbal and other successful groups were quick to recognize the cocktail culture sweeping North America and to incorporate trends, both menu and bar design, into their establishments. Coast Restaurant is touted as Vancouver’s best seafood restaurant – a designation earned through diligent sourcing of fresh products and simple preparation resulting in the most flavorful, freshest, consistent and precise dishes.

Chef Alfred is a fan of seasonal menus. He is adamant about using the freshest products and to sourcing locally as much as possible. His use of purees and concentrates from The Perfect Purée began in April 2009, when he switched from using a French brand. He found The Perfect Purée to be more consistent overall in freshness and color. “Every time I use The Perfect Purée, it is the same consistency and that’s what matters most,” says Chef Alfred. “The flavors are great, the color is amazing and the consistency is impeccable. I use Mango, Raspberry, Strawberry, Passion Fruit and Roasted Red Pepper for fruit curds, jellies, mousses and table side sorbet.” The bar at Coast Restaurant has even incorporated Roasted Red Pepper into their signature Coast Caesar that is served with a poached prawn.


Passion Fruit Curd