Kara Lind

Kara Lind

kara-largeKara’s Cupcakes is the vision of executive pastry chef, Kara Haspel Lind. A somewhat rebellious child, Kara’s sweet tooth is almost legendary in her family. The daughter of a dentist, Kara’s love for sweet treats was discouraged by her parents. She learned early in childhood to hide candy and other sweets throughout her family home.

This appreciation of sweets is among Kara’s earliest and strongest memories. As an advertising sales executive and passionate home baker, Kara realized the importance of following her dreams and enrolled in pastry school. With the goal of furthering her baking skill set, she diligently embraced this program.

A small word of mouth cupcake catering business soon was born. It quickly became so popular that demand for her cupcakes exceeded her ability to fill the orders. Before long, the first Kara’s Cupcakes bakery and retail store opened in San Francisco, followed by a retail outlet in historic Ghirardelli Square. Today, Kara has six busy stores in the Bay Area and was named one of Women’s Initiative 2011 Woman Entrepreneurs of the Year.

The busy mom can still be found most mornings working in the kitchen with her dedicated pastry staff. She visits the farmers markets regularly, looking for inspiration, and sourcing seasonal items for upcoming cupcake flavors. When specific fruits are not available, Kara turns to The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley to add the special touch to her delectable bites.

If you’re lucky to stop by one of Kara’s locations, make sure to ask for the passion fruit, vanilla creamsicle or seasonal cupcake featuring The Perfect Purée.


Vanilla Creamsicle Frosting