Meet Chef John Antinore

Chef John Antinore

John_AntinoreMeet John Antinore, Bakery Artisan for Wegmans Food Markets. An avid user of The Perfect Purée, he features several flavors in the exquisite pastries and chocolates by Wegmans.

John has an extensive culinary background and a working knowledge of fine establishments. Prior to joining Wegmans in 2002, John spent time on both coasts and in all parts of the kitchen – from line cook to saucier to pastry chef. John is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, with a focus on Baking and Pastry Arts.

John’s love and passion of food is what has driven him to his field. Pride in his work motivates him and he considers it an art. While part of his day-to-day responsibilities at Wegmans includes new store staff education, his principle love and joy is being in the kitchen, heads-down developing new product to delight Wegmans’ consumers.

So what does a Bakery Artisan order for dessert when he dines out? John keeps it simple – vanilla bean ice cream or warm chocolate cakes!