Spotlight: Jonathan Pogash, The Cocktail Guru

Jonathan Pogash, The Cocktail Guru

jonathan-pogashJonathan Pogash, a theater major in college, moved to New York City to become an actor. At the advice of his father, Jonathan got a job as a bar back at the Russian Tea Room to help pay the bills. This valuable advice turned into a lucrative career choice as Jonathan continued to hone his bar skills at New York hot spots including Town Restaurant, Solo, The Prime Grill and Flatiron Lounge. He then came on board as Director of Cocktail Development for Hospitality Holdings, the company behind Madison & Vine and The Empire Room. In 2006, Jonathan created his consulting company, The Cocktail Guru. He consults on beverage programs at bars and restaurants, from bar and menu design to concept development. He also works with beverage brands, special events and leads mixology and teambuilding classes.

Like many people in the spirits industry, Jonathan was introduced to The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley by way of the pastry chefs at the various restaurants at which he worked. He would experiment with the purees, incorporating them into various cocktails. Because his cocktails are seasonal, The Perfect Purée’s line of purees allows Jonathan to add a wide variety of fresh fruit flavors that are always consistent. He uses an ounce or two, generally, in his cocktails, as a flavor enhancement or as a primary ingredient. The product is terrific for the large gala events that he organizes, staffs, and works every year, he says.

Jonathan has been a fan of the purees and he says, “It’s the wide range of flavors, consistency, and ease of use that draws me to The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley.”