Rose Levy Beranbaum, Cookbook Author, New York City, New York

The authority of Rose Levy Beranbaum’s aptly-titled cookbooks (12 and counting) is undisputed. The Cake Bible as of November 2018 is 30 years old and is now in its 55th printing. The subsequent bread, pie and pastry and baking Bibles have earned her a name as one of the greatest home cooks of all time.

Valued for her meticulously-researched recipes and her exacting notes that make her recipes work for everyone, Rose is cut from the same mold as two of her greatest influences, Julia Child and James Beard. She knows how to make food taste good and if you follow her directions, you will, too. If she values a product, don’t think twice about trying it yourself.

Rose believes top-quality products make all the difference in the end result of baking and includes The Perfect Purée in her list of products that have consistently delivered the best results year after year.

“I value the pure, intense flavors of The Perfect Purée. Where would I be without them for ice cream, sauces, and buttercreams?” she asks. “They pay for themselves considering all the time, effort and waste of the pulp (that clings to the seeds) of making [purées] from the fruit itself.”

The Perfect Purée Raspberry Puree is used to glaze an exquisite Red Velvet Rose Cake in the Baking Bible. Rose uses a fluted metal tube pan to shape the cake into a flower and formulates it to dome so that the sides are elevated slightly above the serving plate.

“I couldn’t resist the temptation of shaping this popular bright red cake into a red rose! Since no frosting is added, which would hide the beautiful petal contours, I chose instead to enhance the color with a luscious raspberry glaze, which keeps the cake moist as well,” Rose explains.