Juan J. Sanjuan III / Owner/Chef, Gloria’s Restaurant, Huntington Park, California

Even before The Perfect Purée’s Red Jalapeño Puree and Peach Ginger blend were available in December 2019, Juan J. Sanjuan III, Owner/Chef of Gloria’s Restaurant & Bar, was excited to incorporate the new flavors into his recipes for his three Huntington Park locations.

At a creative session, Juan and his friend and fellow bartender Manny Hinojosa, the Bacardi Cazadores national brand ambassador, created a collection of drinks showcasing the creative possibilities of the two distinctive new flavors.

Juan’s Red Chelada layers The Perfect Purée Red Jalapeño Puree with The Perfect Purée Mango Puree, Mexican beer and fresh citrus. The spicy flavor of mature jalapeños warms the back of the throat before citrus and mango brighten the profile in this revamped version of a classic Mexican cocktail. Already a customer favorite, Gloria’s mojito gets a makeover with the warm glow of The Perfect Purée Peach Ginger blend in the new Peach & Ginger Mojito.

On the kitchen side of Gloria’s, a home-style Mexican eatery, Juan serves Red Jalapeno Mango Ceviche and Red Jalapeno-marinated chicken breasts atop rice and Peach Ginger curtido, a lightly-marinated mix of fresh vegetables.

Juan says his customers’ response to the new flavors is enthusiastic.

“We have three restaurants and we’ve developed a lot of recipes with the new Red Jalapeño Puree and Peach Ginger blend and customers absolutely love them in all three locations,” Juan says.

Red Jalapeño Puree is a bold and superbly savory combination of mature jalapeños puréed with rice vinegar. Peach Ginger blend combines the classic flavor of juicy yellow peaches with the distinctive warmth of real ginger and a splash of citrus for dynamic flavor in drinks, desserts and more.

Michele Lex, co-president, chief marketing officer and co-owner of The Perfect Purée, says Red Jalapeño Puree is the reimagining of The Perfect Purée’s earlier Roasted Red Pepper puree, a popular but mild red pepper expression. Red Jalapeño Puree speaks to the current American palate and its obsession with heat. “Our Red Jalapeño Puree reflects our penchant for elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary by perfecting this flavor with a touch of rice vinegar. It’s love at first taste with brazen tangy heat,” Lex says.

Peach Ginger blend is a response to consumers’ evolving palates and higher expectations for sophisticated flavors that combine the familiar with the adventurous. “Peach Ginger blend takes the classic yellow peach to new heights with the addition of bold ginger and citrus juices. Authentic and effortless, this blend is sure to satisfy customers with a taste that is both comforting and daring,” Lex says.

Juan is a long-time fan of The Perfect Purée, having hosted 140 guests for a private dinner pairing event featuring The Perfect Purée’s flavors in drinks including Coctel La Flor, Prickly Pear Mula and Pineapple Chipotle Margarita. He relies on The Perfect Purée Blood Orange Concentrate for his ever-popular Blood Orange Mule and uses a rotating cast of flavors for his weekly Cooking with Cazadores classes.