Ashlee Fox

Ashlee Fox & Sherratt Reicher

ashlee-fox-largeAshlee Fox spent the majority of her teenage years and young adulthood working in the food and beverage industry. While living in Arizona during college, she completed bartending school by age 19 and started working at a bar to make extra money. She quickly made her way through the ranks to the management level. It was during her bartending days that Ashlee met and become close to one of her regular customers, Sherratt Reicher. What started as small talk and dreams about one day opening their own bar together became reality in 2007. That Bar & Grill was to be a dueling piano bar, the kind of bar they agreed was the best nightlife entertainment.

Fresh ingredients are a priority, both on the food and cocktail menus at That Bar & Grill. Fellow mixologist Manny Hinojosa introduced her to The Perfect Purée. It was his famous Martini that had her hooked on the purees. Almost all of the cocktails at That Bar utilize The Perfect Purée line of purees. The drinks change seasonally, so they can use the purees all year round. The flavors are fresh and delicious plus Ashlee likes the Northern California connection (Danville is within 50 miles from The Perfect Purée in Napa Valley). Ashlee says she loves the unique flavors and combinations of the purees. The flavor profiles allow you to think outside the box, coming up with endless cocktail recipes and seasonal drinks. The purees come in easy-to-store containers, last long and defrost quickly, making using them very convenient.

One of the seasonal cocktails at That Bar is the Cool Down Martini with fresh basil, agave nectar, The Perfect Purée Strawberry Puree, pear-flavored vodka and Cointreau. She continues to work her way through the line of flavors, coming up with cocktails with fresh ingredients and seasonal flavors with the purees.


Cool Down Martini