Daniel Guillen

Daniel Guillen

daniel-guillen-largeDaniel got his start in the culinary industry seven years ago at La Duni in Dallas and he’s been there ever since. What started as a dishwashing job for some much needed cash turned into a lucrative career. He worked his way up the ranks from dishwasher to prep cook to bar back to server and ultimately to beverage director, overseeing the bar program at all four La Duni locations.

Daniel has always had a passion for cocktails, but did not foresee that he could ever make a living from it. He completed college, while continuing to work at La Duni, and quickly learned that sitting behind a desk all day was not the life for him. He knew he had a talent for crafting cocktails and set his heart on becoming the best. He’s competed in several national cocktail competitions and is constantly evolving the seasonal cocktail menu at La Duni.

His colleagues introduced him to The Perfect Purée line of products during his early career as a bar back. There was the desire to use fresh ingredients, but the fruit itself was often not consistent in flavor or texture. The Perfect Puree was the solution to year-round, fresh flavors.

He loves to experiment with all the flavors, but his standbys are the Green Apple, White Peach, Pomegranate, Pear and Ginger. He says there is no need to add to or manipulate the flavors of the purees – they are perfect as is. At La Duni, Daniel serves two beverage menus. The first is the standard menu of signature cocktails that remains the same throughout the year. Drinks include the White Peach Bellini, the Green Apple Martini and the Raspberry Mojito – all drinks that use The Perfect Purée. The second menu features seasonal cocktails, like Grethel’s Jyg, featuring pear puree and rosemary. Because fruit like pears and peaches are so delicate and inconsistent in flavor, Daniel relies on The Perfect Purée to get the flavors right every time without the hassle of handling and cutting the fruit.

He is always experimenting with flavor combinations and includes herbs in several of his drinks. Peach pairs well with the flavors of fresh mint and he’s combined them to create his San Isidro cocktail with peach puree, maple syrup, Peruvian Pisco and Grand Marnier.


Grethel’s Jyg
San Isidro