Jonny Tindall

Jonny Tindall, Chief Imagination Officer, Ca’Momi Osteria

When is a bartender more than a bartender? When he’s a chief imagination officer, the title Ca’Momi Osteria gives its bartender, Jonny Tindall. The unabashedly obsessive Italian eatery in downtown Napa serves food and wine rooted in Italian tradition and organic California-grown ingredients. Its cocktail list draws on more than 200 micro-distilled craft spirits from the Americas, Italy and beyond as well as the largest collection of Amari, Fernet & Bitter liqueur on the West Coast.

Ca’Momi Osteria uses The Perfect Purée year-round in its bar and pastry programs and, says Jonny, finds it especially handy in cocktails it produces for competitive programs throughout the year.

Jonny, a 30-year veteran of the hospitality industry with degrees from CIA Greystone, the Court of Master Sommeliers and the Society of Wine Educators, says Ca’Momi’s philosophy takes purées one step past essential cocktail ingredient and uses Blood Orange and Pomegranate Concentrates in its house-made grenadine.

“We appreciate the quality and pure flavors yielded by The Perfect Purée, and craft with them in our garden-to-glass cocktail program daily. Having a selection of concentrated, natural flavors allows us to mix with confidence and yield consistent expected results time and again,” he says.

The Perfect Purée White Peach Puree lends the ideal the crisp, ripe flavor to Ca’Momi’s classic Italian Bellini while The Perfect Purée Strawberry Puree give Jonny license to pour Rossini in the winter months.

“We know the purées are going to yield delicious libations night after night,” Jonny says.