Manny Hinojosa

Manny Hinojosa

manny-hinojosaManny Hinojosa is a national award winning mixologist who creates his own syrups, juices and garnishes, and pours as if each drop were liquid gold. When Manny pours a drink, you can feel the passion. Manny grew up and was educated in Mexico City, and is fluent in both English and Spanish. He is extremely charismatic and enthusiastic about his craft and about Mexico’s national pride, tequila. Manny is an amazing addition to the brand team because his spirit for tequila coupled with his magical mixology ability makes him the ideal Tequila Cazadores and Corzo Tequila Brand Ambassador.

From cultivation to bottling, Manny has an in‐depth knowledge of tequila production – and an expert understanding of Tequila Cazadores and Corzo. Manny has the passion and expertise to bring the core values of Cazadores and Corzo to life.



Fire in the South Seas

Papaya Daiquiri

Sweet Hibiscus & Spicy Ginger Soda

Kiwi Yerbabuena Sour

Hot Tamarindo Margarita

El Capitan

La Perla

Sicilian Spritzer with Vodka

Tamarindo & Chipotle Margarita