Lemon Shortbread and Blackberry Coriander Glaze

Pastry Chef Bettina Clair of Blue Hill Tavern - Brewers Hill, MD

Lemongrass Ice Cream:
    • 500 g. lemongrass stalks, cleaned and cut into large peices
    • 350 g. heavy cream
    • 1036 g. whole milk
    • 280 g. sugar
    • 80 g. non-fat milk powder
    • 5 g. PreGel Nitro ice cream stabilizer
    • 60 g. egg yolks
1. Process the lemongrass in a Waring food processor until broken down into a straw-like consistency. Combine the lemongrass with heavy cream and milk in sauce pan and bring to simmer. Steep for 20 to 30 minutes. Combine the sugar, non-fat milk powder, and stabilizer. Bring the lemongrass mixture back to a boil and add combine with the dry ingredients using an immersion blender. Temper in the yolks and cook to 85°C. Strain through a chinois into an ice bath. When the final mixture is cool, spin in a Bravo ice cream machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions and reserve.
Lemon Shortbread:
    • 500 g. all-purpose flour
    • 200 g. confectioner’s sugar
    • 377 g. cold butter
    • 10 g. The Perfect Purée Lemon Zest,  thawed
1. Combine the flour, sugar, butter, and zest in a Hobart stand mixer with the paddle attachment on low speed until dough comes together. When the dough comes together, remove from the mixer, roll to 1 centimeter thick, and dock dough. Cut a large circle, then cut into 6 wedges; chill for one hour or up to overnight. Bake at 350°F for 7 minutes, cool, and reserve.
Ginger Fig Compote:
    • 290 g. sliced, dried Smyrna figs
    • 100 g. sugar
    • 500 g. water
    • 25 g. The Perfect Purée Lemon Zest,  thawed
    • 75 g. The Perfect Purée Ginger Puree,  thawed
1. Clean and slice the figs. Combine the sugar and water in a saucepan over medium heat to make a light syrup. Add in the lemon zest and ginger puree. Cook until all the syrup is absorbed by the figs. Cool for one hour or up to overnight and reserve.
Blackberry Coriander Glaze:
    • 6 g. fresh ground coriander seeds
    • 405 g. The Perfect Purée Blackberry Puree,  thawed
    • 210 g. neutral glaze
    • 150 g. water
1. Grind the coriander seeds in a Waring spice grinder. Combine with the puree, glaze, and water in a sauce pan over heat and whisk until dissolved. Strain through a chinois, cool, and reserve.
To Assemble and Serve:
Streak the plate with the Blackberry Coriander Glaze. Shingle the Lemon Shortbread wedges at a diagonal. Add a dollop of Ginger Fig Compote. Add a quenelle of the Lemongrass Ice Cream.