Rachel Bahman, Los Angeles Brand Ambassador

Rachel Bahman, Los Angeles Brand Ambassador

Rachel Bahman
Los Angeles Brand Ambassador for The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley

Mixologist and Owner, Toast Cocktails

A veteran self-taught bartender, Rachel Bahman discovered her love for the craft in her own kitchen. “I’m passionate about food — mostly eating it!” she exclaims, so she began drawing inspiration from the culinary world for her cocktails.

Soon there was mezcal with habanero blackberry syrup and chocolate, Jamaican rum with curried coconut milk, and gin with honeydew, tarragon and dandelion. Bahman went on to win multiple local and national cocktail competitions and began consulting for a number of notable Los Angeles restaurants and bars.

Soon though, after yet another sleepless night of slowly cooking down raspberries, straining passion fruit through a cheesecloth, and almost losing a finger while hacking open coconuts, Bahman was ready to trade in her house-made shrubs for pre-made sour mix. It was then that she was auspiciously introduced to The Perfect Puree of Napa Valley. She was able to continue her enthusiasm for using quality, fresh ingredients in her drinks, at the volume and consistency that her busy and fast-paced bar required.

Bahman is currently the beaming owner of Toast Cocktails, a boutique bar catering and consulting company, where she continues to play mad scientist by working on original creations that are both unique and approachable. She looks forward to making you a drink sometime. Cheers!