Tim Williams

Chef Tim Williams

tim-williams-largeTim Williams has been working in kitchens since his early 20s. He grew up in New York, and during a summer trip to Cape Cod during college, he met and became friends with a couple who were opening up an inn and restaurant, Inn of the Golden Ox. Tim worked in the kitchen, learning techniques and skills from the CIA-trained chef-owners of the inn. He then worked in various restaurants for 11 years before enrolling in the Culinary Institute of America himself to gain formal training. Tim came to Atlanta in 1994, and worked for the Tango Group for five years. As executive chef at the company’s Atlanta location, Cafe Tu Tu Tango, he helped craft the menus in the animated and eclectic restaurant that served up Spanish-inspired dishes combined with spontaneous entertainment and art. Tim worked his way up the ranks to become corporate chef of the Tango Group’s portfolio of regional restaurants. He also served as chef for several other fine dining restaurants as well as a Hilton property and a catering company.

Tim joined Dantanna’s as part of the opening team in 2003. His menu at the upscale sports entertainment restaurant focuses on steak and seafood. He sources all-natural meats and fresh, seasonal ingredients. He developed the lunch, dinner, dessert and brunch menus at Dantanna’s, comprised of American steakhouse classics and seafood specialties.

Tim uses The Perfect Purée line of purees in salad dressings, main entrees and desserts. He uses the purees to enhance the flavors in the dish, giving it that added flavor and fresh taste. He makes a Lump Crab & Fresh Berry Salad with a raspberry vinaigrette using the Raspberry Puree. One of the most popular dishes on the menu is the Zinfandel Short Ribs. The beef short ribs are braised in a blackberry Zinfandel barbecue sauce made with the Blackberry Puree. The purees also go into butter sauces, warm vinaigrettes, seafood dishes as well as the cocktails.


Zinfandel Braised Creekstone Farms Short Ribs