Natalie Bovis, Owner, The Liquid Muse, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Named one of four leading women in the liquor industry by Bustle and a 2017 local hero in mixology, Natalie Bovis is an expert at every aspect of the liquid arts. A beverage consultant, mixology educator, cocktail book author and all-around spirits expert, she is also an event producer who bridges the Southwest beverage and arts scene with her annual New Mexico Cocktails & Culture Festival.

The Liquid Muse, Natalie’s beverage consulting company in Santa Fe, is a trusted resource for beverage and spirit companies, bar professionals, event coordinators and home entertainers. Her straightforward style makes mixology approachable to drink enthusiasts of all types, from bartenders seeking inspiration to pregnant moms looking for great alcohol-free drinks. She is also a leading voice in the garden-to-glass movement, bringing the kitchen to the bar in cocktails with organically-grown fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Natalie included recipes with The Perfect Purée in three of her books, “Edible Cocktails: Kitchen Meets Bar,” “The Bubbly Bride” and “Preggatinis: Mixology for the Mom-to-Be.” One of her favorites is Squirrel on a Berry Bush, a super-healthy smoothie she developed for Tales of the Cocktail with The Perfect Purée Blueberry Puree, Strawberry Puree and Red Raspberry Puree.

“The Perfect Puree has such an expansive variety of flavors that it’s a go-to ingredient whenever I’m looking to create something unique. Although I love making homemade ingredients for my drinks, buying ready-made Perfect Purée provides a short cut without cutting any corners in quality.”

The Liquid Muse has been featured in publications and sites including USA Today,, Everyday with Rachael Ray, US Weekly, American Way,, L.A. Weekly, Daily Candy, The Washington Post, Marie Claire Magazine and others.