Scott Hartman

Scott Hartman

Christina MaffeiScott Hartman got his start in restaurants at age 16 as a dishwasher. Over the next few years, he worked his way up through various ranks in the kitchen. Intrigued by the lifestyle of the charismatic bartender where he worked, Scott decided he wanted to move from the kitchen to the bar. For the past 10 years, he has tended bar in several establishments from the local dive bar to the 5-star restaurant.

Scott’s perception of a restaurant’s bar program changed while working with Chef Paul Ingenito (of The Russian Tea Room in New York City and O Street Mansion in Washington, D.C.) at the Grand Colonial in Asbury, New Jersey. Chef Paul wanted a cocktail menu that complemented his food. It was here that Scott learned cocktail and food pairings and how to create savory cocktails that “create thirst instead of quenching it.” Currently the Bar Manager at Bar + Bistro @ The Arts Factory in Las Vegas, Scott’s bar menu complements the Latin American fusion fare created by Chef Beni Velázquez.

Scott was introduced to The Perfect Purée line of products through various food and beverage industry friends and colleagues. He was intrigued by the unique flavor offerings that were being utilized in cocktail recipes. When Scott develops his own recipes, he wants the flavoring ingredients that go into the drink to complement the natural nuances of the spirit. Using The Perfect Purées products saves time and creates a consistent flavor profile in each cocktail. Scott puts a tremendous emphasis on using fresh ingredients. With the purées, his cocktails are always fresh, seasonal and unique in flavor. He says, “When you combine the freshness and unique flavors that The Perfect Purée offers, you just can’t go wrong!”


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