Todd Appel

Todd Appel

Art best describes how Tclubline10odd Appel approaches the craft of cocktails. As the Mixologist for the Crimson Lounge-Hotel Sax in Chicago and President of Piranha Brothers, a bar planning and consulting company, Todd is passionate that his beverage creations achieve an artistic level. Creativity is a must, as well as proper mixing, pouring and presentation of a cocktail. Presentation and technique are very important to the cocktail experience. Professionalism, appearance and technique, along with some panache and stage, make and sell a cocktail, as well as promote a bar’s style and image.

Todd spent the majority of his professional career in the futures pits of the Chicago Board of Trade. He holds an International MBA from the University of South Carolina and a BA in History from the University of Minnesota.

He has been bartending professionally for 6 years. A student in his heart, Todd is constantly learning and refining the craft of mixing spirits and cocktails in his quest to become a first class mixologist and bartender. A member of the USBG, Todd has also taken several wine seminars at the Academy of Wine and Beverage Service led by Master Sommelier, Serafin Alvorado.

About The Perfect Purée, Todd says, “I love their products. They are real. Whenever possible I try to use fresh produce, but often that is not possible because of time or seasonal constraints. I can rely on The Perfect Purée products to be what I want them to be for great drinks or other culinary creations.”


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